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NorthTaste all natural seafood stocks

What is NorthTaste All-Natural Seafood Stocks?

NorthTaste is a frozen concentrated All-Natural Seafood Stock that chefs and food technologists can use to create high quality gourmet seafood recipes. NorthTaste exclusively services food processors and the food service industry. At this time we do not sell to the retail consumer.

:: High Quality
NorthTaste is made out of the finest raw material from the sea without any artificial additives. It is stored frozen, convenient to use and is representative of the seafood listed on the label. The possibilities for the use of NorthTaste in creative recipe formulation are only limited by your imagination.

:: Consistent
NorthTaste stocks characteristics are consistent from batch to batch, allowing you to create a uniform product and avoid seasonal variations.

:: Clean Label
NorthTaste has a pure, fresh, natural flavor, aroma, and color characteristic of the seafood used to produce the stock. The stocks offer you the opportunity of a clean, natural label without artificial ingredients (flavor enhancers, coloring agents, preservatives etc.).

:: Convenient
The stocks are also convenient as they are stored frozen and ready to use, which eliminates your need for long periods of time for stock preparation.

:: Economical
As the NorthTaste stocks are stored frozen in your facility, they are always readily available. We concentrate our stocks, which minimizes shipping and storage expenses. By having the stocks in your freezer, you eliminate the need and expense of purchasing the raw ingredients and going through the process of preparing the stock. We save you time, labor and free up your production facility to produce your line of products.

If you are looking for high quality, convenient, consistent and economical line of seafood flavor, try NorthTaste All-Natural Seafood Stocks.

We are currently producing 5 seafood stocks: Lobster Stock, Shrimp Stock, Fish Stock, Clam Stock and Seafood Stocks.


NorthTaste offers Lobster Stock - Shrimp Stock - Clam Stock -  Fish Stock - Seafood Stock
Natural Seafood Taste - Economical - Consistent High Quality -  Pure Natural Seafood Product
No Artificial Additives - Pure, Clean, Fresh Seafood Taste - Lobster Taste - Shrimp Taste - Fish Taste -Clam Taste
Lobster Stock - Shrimp Stock - Clam Stock -  Fish Stock - Seafood Stock


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